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Articles about food history.

Roman bread from Germania Inferior

Last July The Lower German Limes was added to the Unesco World Heritage List. What [...]

Roman wine – Conditum paradoxum

It’s overwhelmingly clear from ancient art, archeology, and primary sources that the Romans loved their [...]

Cooking from clay tablets: Babylonian lamb stew

There is not much written information about ancient cuisine from Near Eastern civilizations. Art and [...]

Rome sweet Rome

Romans were sweet tooth. But how sweet was sweet in ancient Rome? The answer to [...]

Eating flower bulbs during Second World War

Every year on the 4th of May, Dutch Second World War Remembrance Day, I give [...]

Roman bread & Panis Quadratus

Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD) already knew: “The excellence of the finest kinds of bread [...]

Eating animals in Roman antiquity

When you fancy a tasty meat dish and go to a local butcher shop or [...]

Spices in the Middle Ages

A spoonful of cinnamon in an apple pie, a little bit of nutmeg on top [...]

Recreating a swan pie

A while ago, I started my project about recreating several historical pies with 16th and [...]

Ancient Roman flavours

A lot has been written about ancient Roman history, but not so much about ancient [...]