Historical Cooking Week Provence

Historical Cooking Week Provence

The historical cooking trip to Provence is a unique experience that takes you on a week-long journey through the history of the French cuisine. During the trip you will stay at a beautiful, 20th century, French country house. You will experience an interesting mix of educational cooking classes, tastings, field trips and shopping at a local market to buy our ingredients. Of course, there will be time to relax in or around the magnificent country house or to take a dive in the pool.

The historical cooking trip to Provence will take place from October 9-16 2021. This experience is meant for those who want to learn about the history of the French cuisine in a relaxed and educational atmosphere. In five elaborate cooking classes you will learn what the French kitchen was all about. You will be inspired by the ingredients, recipes and local products from the Roman period, Middle Ages, Grand Siècle, Siècle de Lumières and 19th and 20th century. For more inspiration and knowledge we visit unique culinary heritage during our trip.

This unique historical cooking trip is an all-inclusive experience, meaning that all drinks, meals and trips are included.

Fromage sur le marché


The lodging for the entire holiday is at a French country house from the beginning of the 20th century in a town called Isle Sur la Sorgue, near Avignon. The old Mas has been renovated with great attention to its history and offers modern comfort. The house and the rooms are gallantly decorated with an eye for detail. In the spacious kitchen, the additional kitchen in the adjoining building and outdoor kitchen, there is plenty of room to make delicious French historical dishes.

The bedrooms are beautifully furnished and the beds have comfortable mattresses. Almost all rooms have a private bathroom.

Relaxing is, of course, another important part of the historical cooking trip. You can sit back and relax in one of the living rooms, on one of the delightful terraces, in the swimming pool, in the large garden or while walking or cycling in the rural surroundings. Bicycles are available.

Cooking classes

At the heart of the historical cooking week are five cooking classes. They are designed to teach you everything about the history of French cuisine from Antiquity up to the 20th century. Every class starts with a short introduction. Every period is characterised by its own beautiful ingredients, seasonings, flavour combinations and cooking techniques. You will learn, for example, how to make croissants, bread, sausages and ice cream.

You will travel 2000 years back in time to Antiquity in the first cooking class, which will show you a lot of interesting Roman flavour combinations.

The second cooking class is centred around medieval kitchen traditions. There are a few interesting French culinary manuscripts from the 14th and 15th century. You will be amazed by the genius recipes that go back more than 500 years!

The GRAND SIECLE (17th century) is not only a highlight in French history in terms of art and culture. Masterpieces were also created in the kitchen. France developed into a culinary superpower. You cook from a number of special cookbooks that have been compiled by chefs who changed cuisine in Europe forever.

The SIECLE DE LUMIERES (18th century) is subject of the fourth cooking session. French cuisine set the tone in Europe and produced famous chefs who showed their cooking skills around the world. Products from the Americas are also being introduced gradually, never to leave the French kitchen again.

The final cooking class is centred around the 19th and 20th century. You will be challenged to interpret a historical recipe and make it into your own, amazing dish using every piece of experience from the other four cooking classes. It will be a meal to never forget!

Ingredients and products

France has been known for its wonderful ingredients and traditional cooking for ages. During the cooking trip, we will use as many local, organic and seasonal products as we can.

Visiting a local market is part of the historical cooking trip. You will buy your own ingredients for the cooking classes and of course, you can buy tasty treats to take home with you as well!

The ingredients for breakfast, lunch and snacks are from French origin as well. France is known for its many beautiful local products and we will make sure you taste as many of them as possible! Surrounded by the Provencal vineyards we will also provide locally made wines during the week.

Historical cooking trip Provence

  • Five cooking classes
  • Visit Avignon, including food tour
  • Visit a Roman winery
  • Tastings at local producers
  • Delicious lunch and dinner at local bistros
  • Shopping at the local market

Experienced tour guide

The cooking classes are arranged and taught by food historian Manon Henzen, the founder of eet!verleden. She has been teaching cooking classes for years and does research on the history of the French kitchen. She travels to France regularly for culinary inspiration. She knows where to find the best food spots and delicacies in Provence. Manon writes articles, cookbooks and blog posts about French cuisine regularly as well.


Program October 9-16 2021

Day 1: Day of arrival. Getting to know each other and having dinner together.

Day 2: Shopping at the local market, lunch, Roman cooking class.

Day 3: Free morning, lunch, Medieval cooking class.

Day 4: Visit Roman winery, Roman lunch, 17th-century cooking class.

Day 5: Visit Avignon with food tour, lunch and dinner.

Day 6: Free morning, lunch, 18th-century cooking class.

Day 7: Visit local producer with lunch, 19th & 20th-century cooking class.

Day 8: Last day. Breakfast and goodbyes.


The historical cooking trip to Provence is all-inclusive. Every cooking class, meal, drink, way of transport, tasting and entrance fee is included in the costs. The only thing that is not included is transport to and from the location.

Cooking trip twin room € 1.750,00 p.p.
Cooking trip double room € 1.750,00 p.p.
Cooking trip single room € 1.950,00 p.p.

When booking the cooking trip via the link below, you make a deposit of 50% of the total amount. Details about the remaining 50% will follow shortly after booking.


Cooking classes
All facilities for the cooking classes, breakfast and other meals are at our disposal. For every guest, there is also an apron, notebook, recipes for the cooking classes, a culinary guide about Avignon, a reference list with historical cookbooks and a book about the history of the French cuisine.

Room options
The French country house has several bedroom options. There is an option to have a private room (single room), a shared bedroom (twin room) or a room with a double bed (double room). You can state your preference when you place your booking. There is a limited amount of single rooms, so do not wait too long with your booking if you prefer this!

Transport during the trip has been included in the costs. We will make several trips with a luxury van, with our own personal driver, who will make sure we get to our destinations smoothly and safely.

Transport to and from France and transfer to the country house on the day of arrival and back home is NOT included in the trip. You have to take care of this yourself. After booking the trip you will receive extensive information about travel possibilities by train, car or plane, and taxi to and from the airport of Marseille. Depending on the times of arrival, I am happy to help arrange a carpool or taxi date.