eat!history (eet!verleden) was founded by food historian Manon Henzen. She worked for several national heritage organizations, after having studied history and Middle Eastern studies. Nowadays she uses this experience for her own company where she combines her passion for both history and cooking. With eat!history it became her mission to put culinary history back on the map.

Manon conducts research into the history of food and drink and experiments a lot with historical recipes. She writes for magazines, in her blog and her cookbooks about culinary history from Antiquity to the Second World War.

In 2012 eat!history started a historical cooking studio in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Here, Manon organizes cooking classes and courses. She also organizes historical cooking trips, gives lectures and works together with a wide range of heritage organizations on historical projects.

All projects, activities and recipes of eat!history are based on historical sources like manuscripts, paintings, frescoes and archaeological finds from Europe and the Arabic world. These sources hide so much inspiration for our modern kitchen. eat!history tries to serve you this culinary history in an educational, inspiring and exciting way.

Local and organic products

We believe in a sustainable future and try to contribute to this in every way possible, which is why we use as much local and organic products as we can. We want to show that the present-day culinary traditions mix surprisingly well with the historical ways of cooking. After all, it is not that long ago that it was the standard to exclusively use locally produced, organic products. We make the greatest effort to keep those traditions alive.


eat!history would not exist without the help of a number of volunteers: Marianne, Ester, Edith, Lorin and Sem put in their best effort to help and advice wherever and whenever they can.

Swan and pheasant pie by eat!history