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Roman wine – Conditum paradoxum

It’s overwhelmingly clear from ancient art, archeology, and primary sources that the Romans loved their [...]

Rome sweet Rome

Romans were sweet tooth. But how sweet was sweet in ancient Rome? The answer to [...]

Eating animals in Roman antiquity

When you fancy a tasty meat dish and go to a local butcher shop or [...]

Ancient Roman flavours

A lot has been written about ancient Roman history, but not so much about ancient [...]

Garum: Ancient Roman seasoning from the sea

If it comes to flavour, Romans really loved the salty smelly fermented fish sauce garum [...]

Dining with the Etruscans

Although preparing food was an important daily activity, information about the Etruscan cuisine is very [...]

Women at the Roman dining table

Frescoes from the Roman period regularly show us people lying down and relaxing for dinner. [...]