Historical Vegetarian cooking class

Ordinary people were forced to eat a predominantly vegetarian menu for centuries. Nutritious grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits dominated the menu. Dairy products were an important addition to the diet, but were not always available and even prohibited in times of lent. After the Italian elite starts eating “greens” in the sixteenth century, the most delicious vegetarian dishes appear in cookbooks. In this historical cooking class you are going to cook a selection of these recipes from the last 2000 years.

Forgotten recipes & flavours

The nobility often enjoyed meat, fish and poultry during their meals. They even considered eating fruits and vegetables as unhealthy! This changed  in the sixteenth century. More and more vegetables came to the table. Vegetables and fruits were eaten plain with a simple vinagrette, but there were also complex preparations such as stuffed vegetables and candied fruit.

This vegetarian cooking class offers a delicious vegetarian menu with a wide arrangement of forgotten vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, dairy, lovely seasonings and surprising flavour combinations. We offer unique inspiration for your vegetarian kitchen (or your day without meat) that you will not find anywhere else.

Cooking class

The Historical Vegetarian cooking class starts with a historical aperitif and some appetizers. Meanwhile we give an entertaining presentation about cooking and eating in history. While you are cooking, you will discover many more secrets about historical ingredients, forgotten flavours and ancient dishes. Afterwards you take home all the recipes used in the cooking class, so you can cook them at home as well.

You can book this cooking class with a group of 8 to 18 people. We offer them every day of the week. They can be booked in either the afternoon or evening, at any time. The cooking class lasts approximately 4 hours. Prices include all food and drinks.

Cooking class

  • 2000 years of recipes
  • Adventurous flavours
  • Forgotten ingredients
  • Local products
  • Mostly organic
  • Experienced teacher
  • Recipes to take home
  • A presentation about food history
  • Drinks included

Practical information

Costs: € 75 p.p.

Duration: 4 hours

People: 8-18

Pie with chard
Pie with chard
Lemon pie from De verstandige kock, 1683
Lemon pie from De verstandige kock, 1683