17th-century cooking class

De verstandige kock from 1683
De verstandige kock from 1683

All eyes were set on Italy in the sixteenth century. Great chefs invented new dishes, flavour combinations and cooking techniques. Their leading role was taken over by France in the seventeenth century. The strong flavours of the Middle Ages were left behind and steps were taken towards our modern kitchen.

Vegetables, dairy and spices

Vegetables were finally allowed in the kitchen of the elite, preferably from their own garden. New fruits and vegetables were invented. Vegetables like asparagus and artichokes became popular on their table. Eating and cooking with dairy also increased. In the Netherlands, people ate a lot of cheese and butter.

It was the heyday of the Dutch East India Trading Company, which brought a lot of spices to the Netherlands. Spices became available for the middle class, which made them lose their status. As a result, the rich used considerably fewer spices. Nevertheless, there is some flavour left in the delicious recipes of this period.

During this cooking class we cook mostly from Dutch and French cookbooks from the Dutch Golden Age and French Grand Siècle.

Cooking class

The cooking class starts with a historical aperitif and some appetizers. Meanwhile, we give an entertaining presentation about cooking and eating in the 17th century. You will discover many more secrets about ingredients, forgotten flavours and ancient dishes of this period, while you are cooking. Afterwards, you take home all the recipes used in the cooking class, so you can cook them at home as well.

You can book this cooking class for a group of 8 to 18 people. We offer them every day of the week. They can be booked in either the afternoon or evening, at any time. The cooking class lasts for approximately 4 hours. Food and drinks are all-inclusive.

Cooking class

  • 17th-century recipes
  • Adventurous flavours
  • Forgotten ingredients
  • Local products
  • Mostly organic
  • Experienced teacher
  • Recipes to take home
  • Presentation about 17th-century food & eating
  • Drinks included

Practical information

Costs: € 75 p.p.

Duration: 4 hours

People: 8-18

Pheasant pie, 17th cenutry
Pheasant pie, 17th century
Pie with rice and cheese, Antonius Magirus, 1612
Pie with rice and cheese, Antonius Magirus, 1612